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Steel price in China start rise again

2017-11-03 16:14:56

In October, 

due to the winter heating and environmental supervision of the northern steel mills, the implementation of policies such as the production of winter heating and environmental protection has had a certain impact on the supply and demand of the steel market. 

In this situation, the domestic hot roll market has a concussion. In November after the north limit production policy will full implementation of heating in winter, in some parts of the northern heating measures, environmental pressure and normal annual inspection in advance, the influence of the northeast, north China area part of the steel mills in November, will arrange the production maintenance plans, is expected to affect production total about 750000 tons, if executed, as planned for late production supply pressure expectations should be eased. 

The current domestic market supply pressure hot coil to digest, gradually for the afternoon, hot-rolled coil production compared with in terms of building materials is profitable, the late more likely to continue to maintain a high yield, but in winter heating under the influence of their expectations, supply pressure to reduce the marketplace is expected to form a certain support. But markets, into the traditional requirements of season coming demand gradually atrophic, downstream digestion spend inventory ability is small, to alleviate contradiction between supply and demand, the market price of hot-rolled coil will be present high and volatile.

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